We are a small business and an even smaller family currently based in Louisiana. For several years, our goal has been to build a company from the ground up that will allow us to use our passion, knowledge and creativity to bring quality, yet affordable cannabis products to our community. We currently can only offer our Canna Candles until our state approves our permit to sell hemp derived products. However, our goal for the future is to heal the community by first healing the individual. We plan to offer only affordable prices in hopes to reach low income areas in our community, and offer a healthy, nondestructive option for stress relief. Ten percent of all future profits from hemp derived products will go to The Children's Advocacy Center of Baton Rouge. 


Most importantly, we attribute any achievements to God. Without His beautiful creation of both people and cannabis, we would not be able to come together in love and celebrate, share and partake in its miraculous benefits. 

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Refund Policy 

No refunds or returns. We will exchange any items damaged in the shipping process at our discretion.
Please email us at with any issues you may have, and we will work with you to resolve it quickly. Thank you!